The department

A new University Department is born in Western Macedonia with a content and curriculum unique to our country and to the wider region of Southeast Europe.
Studies in the Department of Regional and Cross-Border Studies of the University of Western Macedonia are focused on the scientific subject of regional development, focusing on issues of innovation, entrepreneurship, competitiveness, regional policies and spatial economics. At the same time, it is the only Department in Greece that focuses on the study of the border through the perspective of a dynamic economic and social phenomenon.

The curriculum of the Department leads to a degree in “Science of Regional and Cross-Border Development” and focuses on the study of Socio-Economic and Sustainable Development of Regions and their Cross-Border Development Policies, aiming at the integrated education of students to take up positions of qualified personnel and responsibility as well as rendering them experts in the relevant fields.
Graduates of the Department acquire an extensive knowledge of the local, regional, national and global environment of development and cooperation, emphasizing in the design and implementation of policies within the framework of European Territorial Cooperation through interdisciplinary approaches. The important quantitative regional analysis skills through the fields of statistics, econometrics, cartography and geographic information systems enable them to effectively apply them in the public and private business sectors.
All the above, combined with the ability to learn foreign languages of the Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, at a high level, will provide the graduates of the department with even more significant prospects of absorption in the job market and continuing their studies at postgraduate level, both in Greece and abroad.